Financing through PowerPay

Make your exterior project affordable.

Whether it’s paying your deductible, product upgrades, or the total cost of your project; a lump-sum out-of-pocket payment might put a strain on your finances or just not be affordable. That’s why we have partnered with PowerPay to transform that cost into a low, fixed monthly payment so you can finally make your project a reality.

Financing through PowerPay Safeguard Constuction Inc.

Receive instant response of pre-approval on a home improvement loan from $1,500 up to $100,000 with no hidden contractor fees, credit cards, or prepayment penalties. With a PowerPay home improvement loan, you can pay for the repair or purchase of a new roof, siding, or any home improvement (excluding solar). To get started, click the “apply now” to complete the application (this process takes about two minutes and will not affect your credit score)!

Fair, Reasonable, and Lowest Payment Possible

  • Rates between 8.99 – 14.99% ( depending on credit score and credit history )
  • Term options are 5, 10, or 15 years (lowest monthly payment)
  • Borrow as little as $1,500 up to $100K ( specifically for Home Improvement loans only)
  • No dealer fees, prepayment penalties, credit card, or hidden costs ( except $99 activation fee which is automatically added to the loan)
  • No payments due until 30 days after your project is completed

Financing Requirements

  • FICO must be 600 or above
  • Must own the property where the project is located
  • Loan approval based on Debt-to-Income Ratio – no minimum income required
  • Can be between Co-Applicants (i.e. wife makes $20K and husband makes $25K) ( co-applicant can help with primary applicant's Debt to Income Ratio )

Why PowerPay?

PowerPay is a digital lending platform that offers home improvement financing for contractors, their customers, and everyday consumers. PowerPay’s fully automated technology offers instant pre-approvals on home improvement loans up to $100,000, helping homeowners and their contractors translate expensive home improvement projects into low monthly payments that can be paid overtime. Unlike other digital loan platforms, PowerPay is a fully independent company that is committed to delivering loans with no hidden contractor fees, credit cards, or prepayment penalties in order to offer the lowest monthly payment possible. After all, the more affordable the loan, the biggest the possibilities for your home.